Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alaska is treating us well!

This is a picture of Bradford and our dinner for about 10 nights! We love the fresh salmon for eating and Bradford has found a new favorite hobby! I have a great recipie for salmon cakes, and salmon casidillas! MMMM.

We went to the State Fair in Palmer. It was a nice day to see all the animals, eat fried cheese curds, ride rides and people watch. I thought the people watching was good in West Virginia, I had no idea! All thoes hockey moms and Joe six-packs... hey Sara!

I must be getting old. I always remember thinking that adults were so cheesy when they would talk about how fast time goes, but here I am saying that phrase... a lot! It is amazing when I realize that we are almost through October and approaching the holidays. I just got my big Aveda shipment of all out holiday packages to sell as gifts. They are very beautiful this year with yellow, red and black hand stamped paper boxes from Nepal. We will be putting up our display November 2nd, along with the salon tree and holiday decorations.
I am excited for Ozarks open house this coming Saturday! Ozarks is a great antique store here in Anchorage that always has beautiful little treasures. It is dangerous for me to go there because I can always find something I "need".

Lucy has her mind made up that she wants to be a chicken for Halloween. She says, "My be a chicken for Halween, please!"
She has the funniest phrases lately. Her new favorite toy is a lizard that she calls a wizard. It is a little red lizard that she got at her friend's birthday party as a little favor five weeks ago. It is now missing all of it's legs and soon, I fear, will loose it's tail too. Luckilly I think those grow back.

We went to Ronnie's Sushi a few weeks ago and she was amazed at who was sitting next to us. She looked up at a man with long hair and a beard who was walking in and with big eyes looked at me and said, "Jesus!"

She has been telling me that she wants a little brother. Wonder who prompted that? ...Bradford?

When she tries to get Bradford's attention she doesn't yell daddy, she yells, "BRA-FERD!"

I promise to post pictures of my little chicken.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, bock, bock style!