Friday, March 30, 2007

TWO TEETH in two days!

Lucy has two little teeth on the bottom! The first one popped through yesterday and the second one just made it's debut this afternoon. She has done surprisingly well for how bad I can imagine that feels to have little sharp teeth break through your gums! OUCH.
She is such a happy girl, I don't think anything could make her cranky for too long.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Me and my little "sidekick"

I snapped this picture of us the other day. I thought it turned out pretty good for just holding the camera out and clicking the button.
I am so happy I get to stay home with my little sugar bean! We have a lot of fun during the day. I don't know what we do all day long but we stay busy just hanging out!

Lucy's new doll

I got Lucy this doll today and she was really into her! It is really the first toy I've seen her "prefer." She was reaching past all her other rattles and various colorful little trinkets and grabbing for the doll. Maybe because it is new, or maybe it will stick. I think we need to have a naming contest for her. Anyone have any suggestions?
OH!!! Lucy hit a big milestone today... she rolled from her back to her tummy! Yay.
She has started sitting all by her self now too. Only for a few minutes and then she topples over, but she actually seems to have good balance.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don't get pinched

I am going to the airport later today to pick up Bradford. He has been in Atlanta for a dental conference. He better remember to wear green today, or he is going to get pinched! He has been gone since Wednesday, so I am really excited to see him. He came home a day early for our anniversary.
Lucy is wearing her green! I got her this little "kiss me I'm Irish" outfit a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary to US!

It is officially St. Patty's Day, which means Bradford and I have been married six years. My, how time flies. I was trying to remember each year past and what we have done to celebrate. I do remember our first. We were driving across desolate Wyoming to Cheyenne for me to take my cosmetology boards. That was a long trip of icy roads and strained eyes, trying to keep a lookout for moose and elk!
Our second, we were living in our little North Hayes house in Pocatello, Id. We probably splurged and ate real noodles instead of Top Ramen to celebrate.
Our third, hmmmm.... I guess we were in our little Richmond cave of an apartment. Most likely went out to dinner at somewhere in the West End. Maybe Olive Garden or Chilis?
Our fourth, we had bought a house downtown and ... wow this is boring! I'll stop.
Anyways, this year we are going to A La Lucia, an Italian restaurant in Alexandria and then going to the movies. We will probably see Breach, it looks good and has been getting good reviews. My friend Sonja is babysitting Lucy for us, and we are very happy to have a "date night" for our anniversary! Hopefully this one will be more memorable than the last few. That's why you keep a journal!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

from 0 to 75 in one week (degrees that is)

WOW! Spring is here. Lucy and I just got back from a run outside. The sun is out and it is so nice. I sure hope it stays like this because it is wonderful not to have to go to a musty gym to workout! Don't get me wrong, our gym here on base is amazing, but I just love being outside.
We have a running path that parallels the Potomac River and you can see the Washington monument, The Capitol Building, The National Cathedral, The Jefferson Monument, The Pentagon and last but certainly not least, Reagan airport! It is like a running tour of downtown Washington D.C. When Dantzelle, Bradford's mom, was here visiting she kept asking me to "pinch her" because she couldn't believe she was seeing all those sites just out our back door! I hope our next base has a good running path. We should know where we are headed in the next few weeks. I am getting a little anxious to know where we are headed. It could be anywhere from Japan to Arkansas! Our top three choices are 1. Spangdahlem AFB in Germany, 2. Croughton AFB near London England and 3. Menwith Hill AFB in Northern England.
Hopefully we will get one of our top choices! The highlighted bases on the maps are all the bases that need dentists, and ALL the spaces need to be filled. A few of the locations make me a little nervous, but I know wherever we end up we will make the best of it. (Minot or Little Rock, here we come!!!) he he he.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun Weekend...

On Friday night the young women and leaders from our previous branch in Richmond came and spent the night. We had such a great time. We stayed up until 2am making jewelry!
I taught a crash course in jewelry making and we all let our creative juices flow in my garage.
The young women, Sylvia and Ashley were so fun to have and were awesome at designing jewelry! It was fun to see Turia, Tara and Rachael too!
Saturday morning they all stayed here at the house and babysat Lucy while Bradford and I went out on a "tourist date" and rode the elevator up to the top of the Washington monument. We had tickets before we knew the young women were coming and had just planned on taking Lucy with us. It was nice to be kid-less for the morning and we took full advantage of the situation and went out to breakfast together at Starfish Grill, a little restaurant in the Capital Hill area. The food was so good and we could actually enjoy it rather than hurrying to eat and go for Lucy's sake!
We got back to the house and the girls packed up and went to the temple to meet the young men for their annual temple trip. It was a beautiful spring day, hopefully they had a good time.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is my favorite age (every week I say that!)

Well, Lucy is a little over five months old and time is flying by. She is such a smiley, happy girl. She is constantly cracking me up with the new things she is learning. Her personality is really funny and sweet. She seems like she is going to be very social because every time we are around other people she is a little ham.
Today she woke us up with a new sound. She was saying Ba over and over again. I wonder what goes through their little heads when they learn how to form their lips into new sounds.
I really can't believe how quickly she has passed through so many stages. She rolled over really early, at about three and a half months and then started grabbing for objects after that. Now she is so busy all the time. She loves toys that are noisy and she is really into her feet. She is has really good balance when she is sitting. She can sit on her own for a few seconds and is strong enough to sit all the way up from a bent over position after she has been grabbing and sucking on her feet.
I am loving being a mom. I feel so lucky to be home with Lucy, watching her grow and develop every day!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Dy-nasty Glasses... just in case you were wondering

Yesterday, I posted my list of treasures I found at Unique Thrift Store. The dy-nasty sunglasses that I mentioned are SO comfortable! I think they will have a permanent spot in my purse. They will replace my long-loved last thrift store found pair that are getting so loose they fall off my head. May they rest in peace, they served me well. (especially considering they were only 10 cents at the old Catholic Thrift store behind my house in Idaho)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Little Sausage fingers that are OH SO BUSY...

Lucy has just started grabbing for everything!
I will be holding her facing front and everything we walk past she will reach for. Today she discovered how to throw her toy or pacifier. We were at my favorite thrift store on our weekly treasure hunt and she was constantly dropping or throwing something out of the cart. It was cute, but it got old real quick! We found some real good treasures though. A couple of sweet vintage scarves, some clothes for Lucy, some awesome red DYNASTY sunglasses (the big old '70s sunglasses, lovingly coined die-nasty because of the car Bradford's Mom used to drive while sporting them) and we found a couple colored drinking glasses. I am really into amber colored glass ware, I don't really know why. It's just one of my things.
So all in all it was a pretty successful thrift store morning.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Snow Day.

The weather was pretty today. We had powdery snow all day long! I have had a little "cabin fever" since we have all been a little sick. I had to get out of the house, so I went up to Baily's Crossroads and ran a few errands. Boring stuff, but it was nice to get out of the house.
I bought a new vacuum. I had a revelation that I am getting old and a little too into the "housewife" groove because I was all excited about my new purchase and spent almost an hour sucking up every piece of dirt in every corner of my house. Oh well, I will embrace the new me... just someone please stop me if I start doing things like alphabetizing my spices!
Bradford has had a long week so far with projects and papers he has coming due soon. He is actually here tonight, yay! He gave Lucy her bath tonight and I can't help but post this picture.
She seemed really happy to spend some time with her daddy.

Monday, March 5, 2007

I guess I'll jump on the blog wagon.

I get sucked into other blog sites and always think to myself... "I should really start one of those."
Well, here I go. Hopefully I can not only do this for my own journaling purposes but my friends and family will be able to know what's going on with our little family.

This picture was taken right before Christmas.
Our little family... my sexy hubby Bradford, Me and our little girl Lucy.