Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy friday the 13th

This month, it is so sweet that we had 7-7-07 and friday the 13th all in one week! I pretend not to be superstitious, but I think I really am. I guess you would call people like me an optimistic superstitioninst! That sounds so scientific. I think I need a black cat.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ten days and counting!

I was hoping to write a good, juicy entry today, but I hear Lucy stirring in her bed. It seems that naps are very short lately and there is never enough time to just sit down at the computer and get caught up. We are good here, all still alive and well. I started to panic a little when I passed the wall calendar this morning and realized the movers are coming in TEN days! AHHHHH! I still have two jewelry shows between now and then and we have a list a mile long of "things" to do before the 23rd... My next blog entry I'll probably be in panic mode, we shall see. But for now I will just say, HELLO and post these really cute black and white shots I got of Lucy yesterday.