Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy friday the 13th

This month, it is so sweet that we had 7-7-07 and friday the 13th all in one week! I pretend not to be superstitious, but I think I really am. I guess you would call people like me an optimistic superstitioninst! That sounds so scientific. I think I need a black cat.


Chantal said...

I think I'm a little superstitious too. Elizabeth was due last year on 6/6/06. I couldn't do that to her so I was induced just in case on 6/3/06. I didn't want her to turn out to be a little devil just in case!

10 days! That is coming so fast!! We'll miss you on this side of the country!

Kacey said...

Hey, this is Kacey Udy. It has been forever since I last spoke with you guys. You all look great and your little Lucy is such a cutie! It is amazing how fast they grow. I just got back from a long trip back east. I was in D.C. for just a little bit. It is a great town! I loved seeing all of your NYC, D.C., and Boston pics because they reminded me of my trip.

Well, I hope you guys are doing great! Our little Brooks Bradford is getting too big! He loves to sing and dance and be the center of everything! It is so much fun. We are looking forward to rodeo season here in Utah. We are going to a big Rodeo that my family helps put together over the 24th so I will tell my mom hello for you Bradford. He spoils my son just like she spoiled all of us on the mission.

Take care,