Thursday, August 2, 2007

En Route.

Happy August to everyone! Lucy and I are in beautiful Heber City, Utah right now with my family. We came out last week to spend a little time with Mimi and Puppy (that's what we call my parents instead of Grandma and Grandpa). We are having a blast, and Lucy is adjusting quite well. Ashley, my sister was in town for the first few days I got here and we scored tickets to the demolition derby in Heber. We were really excited to go and decided to dress for the occasion. We went to DI (which is like Utah's Good Will) and picked up our outfits. We were MistyLou and Treasure for the night and Ash's friend Skyler aka Earl came with us. It was a blast. Gotta love Heber!

I am headed back to DC next Wednesday to drive back with Bradford. My mom (Mimi) offered to keep Lucy so she won't have so much driving time from VA to AK! Thanks Mom!
Well, I am going to try to occasionally update the blog en route. If nothing else, we will take lots of pictures along the way and write all about it when we finally arrive the end of the month.

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CHRISTY said...

Fun, I wish we could come visit. Or I wish AZ was on the way to AK! It's funny because my girls call Alex's parents Momo and Papi. Miss you!