Thursday, November 29, 2007

My new favorite you tube video...

Get ready to laugh and be confused at the same time! I love this girl, and I can't get these lyrics out of my head!

...stomp once for Brittney...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The SCOWLing Princess...

So, Lucy figured out how to move her eyebrows... DOWN! She has been giving everyone dirty looks, and I mean everyone! Everywhere we go people get frowned at by little miss scowl! I actually thought it was quite funny until today when we were at JC Pennys Portrait Studio and the photographer was practically standing on her head to try to get Lucy to crack a smile. Luckily she got a few good ones, but there were far more frowny proofs than smiley ones!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


We were playing with my new macbook and found this feature on the camera....

A short video I took yesterday.

Anchorage ACES

We went to a hockey game last week and had a great time. Lucy was mesmerized by all the action and by the little men gliding around on the floor. Sometimes I just wonder what she is thinking when she is experiencing something for the first time. I mean, how weird would it be if you didn't understand the concept of ice and you saw people skating. Not to mention the ice was PINK for Breast cancer awareness month. It was pretty freaky even for me! The crowd was exactly what I would expect at a hockey game in Alaska... and I will stop there! he he...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Moved in for ONE MONTH!

Tomorrow it will be our month mark for being moved into our house here on P street. We love our neighborhood, our neighbors and now that we got a storage unit, we are loving our house too! We have a lot less square footage than our last house and I am somewhat of a pack-rat, so we have lots of "stuff". Hmmmm, does anyone have a better sounding word than pack-rat for people like me? I don't think it is fair to put that label on myself, since I am a lot better than I used to be. Plus, I have really managed to get somewhat organized and I am pretty clean... I just have a lot of clutter. I am a really good stacker. You should see my workbench in the garage, just give me a shelf and I can make a lot of stuff fit up on it.
So, anyways, back to P street... We live a couple blocks from the inlet, and Anchorage has this fabulous trail system that runs all through the city. We have access to the Coastal trail and all the connecting city trails as well. The city grooms them for Xcountry skiing in the winter and they are a great place to walk, run, bike and roller blade in the summer. The scenery here is so amazing, some views look fake! These are pictures taken at the park a couple of blocks from our house on the coastal trail. All the neighbors are telling us how much fun it is when this lake freezes. The city maintains it as a ice skating rink and they even put fire-barrels out to warm up your hands. I want to get some ice skates!

We have really settled in quick. I can't stand living out of boxes, so I was moving at warp speed to get them all unpacked... All my JUNK!!! he he. We are really loving our neighborhood and we are all ready for visitors... So, put on your fleece hat and your down coat and come visit us on P street!

Monday, October 1, 2007

It is getting COLDER

So we live in Alaska. Nobody told me that fall, which is usually my favorite season, only lasts one week. It is true... I was just starting to notice and enjoy the colors a few days ago and now all the leaves are on the ground. And it is cold and rainy. The locals are all telling me that the first snow fall is usually the third week in October. Hmmmm, I guess I better go buy some skis.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We are HERE!!

Well, it has been an amazing journey from D.C. to Anchorage, Alaska. Bradford graduated from his residency at Bolling AFB and we headed West to see family... and then WAY up north to AK.

We had a great last weekend in D.C. before we left. We said our goodbyes and then took a few days to relax before we hit the road. Lucy was in UT with her Mimi and Puppy (thanks again Mom and Dad.) After a nice weekend of eating out at all thoes "non-kidfriendly" resturaunts and a great room at Hotel Palomar in Dupont Circle, we were ready to paint "Alaska or BUST" on our trusty 1991 Volvo Wagon and head directly for Kansas City.

We got to Kimball's cute house about 17 hours later, just as the sun was coming up. It worked out nicely as he was getting out of bed, we jumped in. After a few hours of sleep we saw the city, met neighbors, took the Volvo in for a check up, got locked out of the house, ate at a great dumpling bar and went shopping at a Vintage Clothing store called Boomerang... whew! We only had 24 hours with K, so we had to cram it all in! It was a great stop, and I really liked KC.
The next morning we got up and drove to UT. About 17 more hours in the car we thought Kansas would never end! We were happy to pull into Heber and see our sweet Lucy asleep at Mimi and Puppy's house. We caught a few hours of sleep and then woke up to spend time with my family.

We had to leave Heber earlier than we had hoped because our ferry plans changed. We stopped in Layton for a yummy dinner with Graham, Emily, McKay, and the twins. We all went to a Real soccer game and then Bradford, Lucy and I headed for Pocatello.

It was great to see everyone in Pocatello. We always love going to Pokey to see family and visit our old turf.

Ok... I need to go to bed, so this entry is TO BE CONTINUED.

Good Night!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lucy loves Mimi's house

Lucy is in heaven with the dog, Boris, and the kittens, Stinker and Skid. She gets all excited when they are in the house. She is trying to learn to be soft and gentle with them. Her little hands just seem to SQUEEZE when they make fur contact! Run kitties, RUN!

En Route.

Happy August to everyone! Lucy and I are in beautiful Heber City, Utah right now with my family. We came out last week to spend a little time with Mimi and Puppy (that's what we call my parents instead of Grandma and Grandpa). We are having a blast, and Lucy is adjusting quite well. Ashley, my sister was in town for the first few days I got here and we scored tickets to the demolition derby in Heber. We were really excited to go and decided to dress for the occasion. We went to DI (which is like Utah's Good Will) and picked up our outfits. We were MistyLou and Treasure for the night and Ash's friend Skyler aka Earl came with us. It was a blast. Gotta love Heber!

I am headed back to DC next Wednesday to drive back with Bradford. My mom (Mimi) offered to keep Lucy so she won't have so much driving time from VA to AK! Thanks Mom!
Well, I am going to try to occasionally update the blog en route. If nothing else, we will take lots of pictures along the way and write all about it when we finally arrive the end of the month.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy friday the 13th

This month, it is so sweet that we had 7-7-07 and friday the 13th all in one week! I pretend not to be superstitious, but I think I really am. I guess you would call people like me an optimistic superstitioninst! That sounds so scientific. I think I need a black cat.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ten days and counting!

I was hoping to write a good, juicy entry today, but I hear Lucy stirring in her bed. It seems that naps are very short lately and there is never enough time to just sit down at the computer and get caught up. We are good here, all still alive and well. I started to panic a little when I passed the wall calendar this morning and realized the movers are coming in TEN days! AHHHHH! I still have two jewelry shows between now and then and we have a list a mile long of "things" to do before the 23rd... My next blog entry I'll probably be in panic mode, we shall see. But for now I will just say, HELLO and post these really cute black and white shots I got of Lucy yesterday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Road Trip!

I am wondering if I will have East Coast withdrawal in a couple of months when we move to Alaska. I am pretty sure there will be a long list of things I miss about this area, I am just hoping there will be enough new, exciting things about Alaska that it won't be a huge disappointment. We went on a road trip last weekend, up to Boston. It was so amazing, and it really hit me how lucky we are to have so many big cities close to us.

We drove all the way up I-95, taking a small detour to drive through New York City, which was a huge adrenaline rush! I was driving while Bradford navigated and we saw The Statue of Liberty (which we call the statue of bolivity, thanks to my little bro. Eric), Ground Zero, Radio City, Central Park and The Empire State Building. It was a whirlwind and actually seems like a dream now.

We got to Boston feeling a little cranky and tired and checked into our hotel. This was the view from our window, so we quickly lost our bad attitudes! The next morning we headed out to do part of the "freedom trail". Which is a walking tour through downtown Boston. My favorite stops were the old cemeteries that had tombstones all the way back to the 1700s! They were amazing!

After lunch, we headed to Gillette field to see a USA Soccer match against Panama. This game was the main reason Bradford wanted to go to Boston! The stadium was HUGE and USA won, so everyone was happy. Bradford kept getting really funny looks when he would yell things out in Spanish. It was so funny to see people's reactions to this crazy Gringo cheering in Spanish!

This is the main Quad at Harvard. We spent a couple of hours walking around the campus and neighborhood. It was just like I imagined, all lush and green with tons of old brick buildings. I even felt smarter when I was there.

Another thing I loved about Boston was the parks and public gardens. They were so well maintained and clean! Lucy enjoyed lunch in the shade more that once on this trip.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

By far the best shopping district in Richmond, Virginia... Carytown! And the best store in Carytown... Heidi Story. Aside from being able to by my jewelry there, you can find really cute and affordable "up and coming" designer's clothing and bags. Heidi, the owner, teaches sewing classes all week in a room right there in the store. I miss Carytown since I have moved to DC, and that says a lot since I have Old Town and Georgetown about ten minutes away.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June Rewind!

Somehow we are almost half-way through June and I haven't posted once for the month. Lucy and I started the first month of summer in Atlanta with the Allen clan. We flew there with Kimball and met up with Dantzelle, Brad, Grandma Lewis, Delon and Larry and Myreel at the semi-annual BSA meeting. Dantzelle was receiving the Silver Antelope award for all her service in scouts, and of course our trip was filled with site-seeing. We toured the MLK sites, the Carter library and saw the laser show at Stone Mtn. It was a great to see everyone and explore Atlanta. Kimball and I stayed a few extra days and toured the Coke factory, CNN and the Olympic Plaza. It was such a blast to see family and spend some extra time with Lucy's favorite Uncle. Congrats to Dantzelle for her achievements in scouts, she is such a "celestial-ebrity"!

Lucy and Uncle Kimball

Me and my "sugar bean"

At the Coke factory

Stone Mountain ... Ode to our Confederate Soldiers!

Lucy at the Coke factory, right after the 3D movie!

Brad and Kimball in front of the home Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in.

This is the Church where Martin Luther King Jr and Sr both preached

The CNN Center.... Where is Anderson?