Saturday, May 26, 2007

Uncle Kimball comes to the District...

Kimball, Bradford's brother, is here visiting from Cali. He is actually homeless right now as his stuff is all en route to Kansas City, MO. He is in the middle of a big move from San Jose to KC. We are having a blast seeing all the sites and eating tons of good food.

On friday, we started the day with a staff led tour of the Capitol which was way cool and then Bradford and Lucy went home for naps and Kimball and I went to The Holocaust Museum. After the extremely sobering few hours in the museum we met Bradford in Georgetown for Thai food at Bangkok Joes and then headed to the DAR to see Damien Rice. What a great concert. We were all surprised at how Damien totally "rocked it". His Albums are so chill, but live Damien is really different!

Yesterday we went to Old Town Alexandria for a picnic and shopping and then saw Arlington National Cemetery. There are thousands of Harleys every where with all the POW MIA flags blowing in the wind. It is cool to see all the Vets here for Memorial day. On the way back home we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Tios, for some spicy dinner. MMMMMM.
We are having a blast with Kimball.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The fam on Mother's Day

This is my booth at the Squidfire Show in Baltimore

The show was at Mt. Vernon Square, it was a great location

A big ship at the Inner Harbor

Little miss Sassy!

Between the jet lag from our trip back home and jumping right back into reality, the month is almost over before I have even realized it started! I had such a great time with my family in Hawaii. Lucy got sassy while we were there (thanks to the constant attention and occasional sugar that Mimi, Puppy, Papa, aunt Ash, uncle Eric and uncle Chris gave her.) Luckily she lost most of the attitude once we got home and back in our routine.
I returned home on wed. the 9th and made jewelry like a mad woman for my show in Baltimore on sat. the 12th. The late nights paid off as I had my best show ever! It was nice to have such a great show and to have Bradford and Lucy there with me. We stayed the night downtown and enjoyed Mother's day the next day by sleeping in and then having brunch on the water at a cute Cuban restaurant. We went to a flea market for some treasure hunting and then hit the road back to DC. It was a nice weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2007 seven (I think)

Yesterday afternoon started with a forty minute drive into the big city of Waikiki with an accidental detour to Hickam AFB. OOPS... stay right on the 99. We eventually made it to Pearl Harbor and jammed our brains with WWII history in the museum. We watched a movie about the events that led up to the war and then took the ferry across the bay to the memorial above the USS Arizona. It was a very sombering experience to realize that almost 1200 bodies were below us.

After the boat ride back we headed over to the Aloha stadium. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a "swap meet." Which is basically a big market with lots of tourist junk to buy. We were disappointed that there weren't any good, handmade treasures mixed in. Overall it left much to be desired. We were glad that we hadn't made the trip around the island just for the swap meet. We had hoped to make it all the way into downtown, but with a tired, cranky baby and a hungry teenager, we headed back to Hale'iwa, the little town by our condo to eat and shop. I am sad that we only have two more days here in Hawaii, I don't want the vacation to end!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

What day is it...

Lucy's new nickname here in Hawaii is "pickle". My dad started calling her that and it seems to have stuck. We are having an awesome time here at Turtle Bay, on the North Shore of O'ahu. It has been very relaxing and fun to be with family. We are going to venture out to the commercial side of the island and explore Waikiki this afternoon. We are hoping to find a few open air markets and some fresh sushi. MMMMM. I will take lots of pics. Aloha!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

ALOHA! from Meg and Lucy...

The last few days have been full of firsts for Lu. The first time her toes touched grass she freiked out! The texture really scared her and she still is very hesitant to touch it. The next morning we got in the pool and she was really insecure and held onto me really tight. She was slow to relax, but after about twenty minutes she finally started to have a little fun. Puppy (my dad) taught her how to blow bubbles and Uncle Chris entertained her by going under water and then popping up. We took a little break from the sun and had a popsicle on the patio. After nap time, we headed down to the beach and Lucy was amazed by the sand and waves. We sat up on the beach and let the waves touch our toes. We are having a such a wonderful time in paradise with my family... if only Bradford could be here, then it would be perfect!
Me, Ash and my Mom

Papa Marshall catching some Hawaiian rays at the pool