Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little miss Sassy!

Between the jet lag from our trip back home and jumping right back into reality, the month is almost over before I have even realized it started! I had such a great time with my family in Hawaii. Lucy got sassy while we were there (thanks to the constant attention and occasional sugar that Mimi, Puppy, Papa, aunt Ash, uncle Eric and uncle Chris gave her.) Luckily she lost most of the attitude once we got home and back in our routine.
I returned home on wed. the 9th and made jewelry like a mad woman for my show in Baltimore on sat. the 12th. The late nights paid off as I had my best show ever! It was nice to have such a great show and to have Bradford and Lucy there with me. We stayed the night downtown and enjoyed Mother's day the next day by sleeping in and then having brunch on the water at a cute Cuban restaurant. We went to a flea market for some treasure hunting and then hit the road back to DC. It was a nice weekend.

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