Friday, July 10, 2009

We are stuck on boy names.

I am feeling pretty much moved into the house and ready for the baby to not be camped out in me anymore! I think he knows that we don't have his name picked out, so he is giving us some time to make sure we know what we are going to call him.
We have had a list of maybe names for a while now and just can't decide on one.
Our list:
Finnley (Finn)
Harrison (this is Lucy's favorite, but she would call him harry)
Quincey (Quinn)
Any suggestions? I know my mom doesn't like Finn. When I told her we were thinking Finn or Keller her response was, "Oh, I like Keller."
I still think of names I like, like Oliver, James, Claude... nothing seems just perfect.
Maybe I will have to see his face to know.