Friday, October 19, 2007

Moved in for ONE MONTH!

Tomorrow it will be our month mark for being moved into our house here on P street. We love our neighborhood, our neighbors and now that we got a storage unit, we are loving our house too! We have a lot less square footage than our last house and I am somewhat of a pack-rat, so we have lots of "stuff". Hmmmm, does anyone have a better sounding word than pack-rat for people like me? I don't think it is fair to put that label on myself, since I am a lot better than I used to be. Plus, I have really managed to get somewhat organized and I am pretty clean... I just have a lot of clutter. I am a really good stacker. You should see my workbench in the garage, just give me a shelf and I can make a lot of stuff fit up on it.
So, anyways, back to P street... We live a couple blocks from the inlet, and Anchorage has this fabulous trail system that runs all through the city. We have access to the Coastal trail and all the connecting city trails as well. The city grooms them for Xcountry skiing in the winter and they are a great place to walk, run, bike and roller blade in the summer. The scenery here is so amazing, some views look fake! These are pictures taken at the park a couple of blocks from our house on the coastal trail. All the neighbors are telling us how much fun it is when this lake freezes. The city maintains it as a ice skating rink and they even put fire-barrels out to warm up your hands. I want to get some ice skates!

We have really settled in quick. I can't stand living out of boxes, so I was moving at warp speed to get them all unpacked... All my JUNK!!! he he. We are really loving our neighborhood and we are all ready for visitors... So, put on your fleece hat and your down coat and come visit us on P street!

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Priamos Family said...

Hey Meg- LOVE the pictures! Especially the crazy ones from the macbook- too funny! I've been trying for years to find a better word than "pack rat" since I fall into the same category- I have a lot of stuff, but it's organized! It looks gorgeous up there- glad you guys are enjoying it! And Happy Birthday to YOU and Lucy! Love ya- Annaliese :)