Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lucy's new doll

I got Lucy this doll today and she was really into her! It is really the first toy I've seen her "prefer." She was reaching past all her other rattles and various colorful little trinkets and grabbing for the doll. Maybe because it is new, or maybe it will stick. I think we need to have a naming contest for her. Anyone have any suggestions?
OH!!! Lucy hit a big milestone today... she rolled from her back to her tummy! Yay.
She has started sitting all by her self now too. Only for a few minutes and then she topples over, but she actually seems to have good balance.


Vintage Grace said...

I think you should name the dolly: Dolly. You know, after Dolly Parton. hehehe

CHRISTY said...

She is so big!!! I love the drool down the shirt. Name the doll Sasha.