Tuesday, March 13, 2007

from 0 to 75 in one week (degrees that is)

WOW! Spring is here. Lucy and I just got back from a run outside. The sun is out and it is so nice. I sure hope it stays like this because it is wonderful not to have to go to a musty gym to workout! Don't get me wrong, our gym here on base is amazing, but I just love being outside.
We have a running path that parallels the Potomac River and you can see the Washington monument, The Capitol Building, The National Cathedral, The Jefferson Monument, The Pentagon and last but certainly not least, Reagan airport! It is like a running tour of downtown Washington D.C. When Dantzelle, Bradford's mom, was here visiting she kept asking me to "pinch her" because she couldn't believe she was seeing all those sites just out our back door! I hope our next base has a good running path. We should know where we are headed in the next few weeks. I am getting a little anxious to know where we are headed. It could be anywhere from Japan to Arkansas! Our top three choices are 1. Spangdahlem AFB in Germany, 2. Croughton AFB near London England and 3. Menwith Hill AFB in Northern England.
Hopefully we will get one of our top choices! The highlighted bases on the maps are all the bases that need dentists, and ALL the spaces need to be filled. A few of the locations make me a little nervous, but I know wherever we end up we will make the best of it. (Minot or Little Rock, here we come!!!) he he he.


Chantal said...

YEAH Megan!! Welcome to the blogging world! I'm so glad you're online. Especially if you move across the world! How exciting! Let us know where you guys will be going!

By the way, I love the Die-nasty glasses! :)

Heidi Hiller said...

I'm sorry to be commenting because I'm a total stranger, but I've been researching the exact same bases that you and your husband have posted!! My husband (current AEGD resident) and I put our top 3 in as well... Vandenberg, Spang, Croughton! I'm wondering...is your husband dental? We also have a little one as well... boy!

Joshua said...

Hi Bradford,

My wife found your blog. I hope that all is well with your family. Have you are enjoying your aegd. Take care.

Joshua Hiller (from COT)