Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun Weekend...

On Friday night the young women and leaders from our previous branch in Richmond came and spent the night. We had such a great time. We stayed up until 2am making jewelry!
I taught a crash course in jewelry making and we all let our creative juices flow in my garage.
The young women, Sylvia and Ashley were so fun to have and were awesome at designing jewelry! It was fun to see Turia, Tara and Rachael too!
Saturday morning they all stayed here at the house and babysat Lucy while Bradford and I went out on a "tourist date" and rode the elevator up to the top of the Washington monument. We had tickets before we knew the young women were coming and had just planned on taking Lucy with us. It was nice to be kid-less for the morning and we took full advantage of the situation and went out to breakfast together at Starfish Grill, a little restaurant in the Capital Hill area. The food was so good and we could actually enjoy it rather than hurrying to eat and go for Lucy's sake!
We got back to the house and the girls packed up and went to the temple to meet the young men for their annual temple trip. It was a beautiful spring day, hopefully they had a good time.

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