Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

New years in Alaska is really anti-climatic! It gets dark here at three o'clock every day in the winter, and then watching the ball drop at eight o'clock on the east coast... you might as well go to bed!
We did stay up to ring in the new year... just barely though. (we are getting old)

As for New Years resolutions, I've decided that I am done setting myself up for failure. I had good intentions of sitting down and writing out every last detail of things I would start doing, things I would STOP eating and drinking... ect. And then I realized that my list is the same every year and I am still a procrastinator, I'm still chubby, I am still unorganized and I am still lazy. I think this year I just need to embrace my habits and maybe just learn to love myself the way I am.

I did get to the gym today, along with the rest of Anchorage. There were so many people with good intentions! I loved seeing them be able to check off one thing on their new TO DO list of 2008.

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our family in Maple Valley, Washington. All of my husband's siblings and spouses were there. It was the first time ALL the siblings were together in eight years I think. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and it was especially good to see the five little cousins all play together. Lucy had a blast, and she was inspired by the three cousins older than her to start walking! YAY!


Chantal said...

Guess what!? The "stomp once for Brittney" girl was on Yo Gabba Gabba the other day. (Have you seen that new kids show?) I about died laughing when I saw her come on and teach the kids her dance. It was SO FUNNY!!!!!

Claire - Adam - Anna said...

Meg It was so fun to see you today! How random! Your blog is darling and I am excited to check it regularly! Have fun in Alaska and if you ever get bored here in UT give me a call, maybe we could set up a lunch with the old girls... they would love it! take care, Claire

The Dailys said...

Megan- Wow! It is so much fun to see your blog, you look so great, lucy is darling! I am so happy to see what you are up to. Anchorage is beautiful! Do you like it there? Keep in touch.

Mary (wixom) Daily

Candice said...

Hey Megan, I'm so glad you left that comment on my blog. When I first got into blogging I searched and searched to see if you had one. Lucy looks darling, I think her and Tommy are just a couple days apart! I'm so excited to stay somewhat connected now! Love, Candice (Christensen) Cannon