Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lucy Myreel as she enters the "terrible twos"...

So I think that so far, being a mom is awesome. I have tried to enjoy each day with my little squirt. I wonder if I will learn to understand the phrase "terrible two", or if it will all turn out to be a myth just like having cracked bleeding nipples from nursing. Not that I don't think some moms do have that unfortunate misfortune of bloody boobies... but so far pregnancy, labor, newborn world and toddler days have all been less 'by the book' than I thought they would be. All things considered, I feel really lucky that Lucy is pretty easy going and very fun to hang out with.

This morning when I went in to wake Lucy up she was in a foul mood and she just buried her face in her pillow and told me ..."nooooooooo, momma. nooooooo"

I knew how she felt, because I didn't want to get out of bed either... but the day was starting and we needed to get up. The whole morning was a struggle and included her first real tantrum. Rolling around on the living room floor and covering her face while she yelled toddler jargon obscenities at me which included but were not limited to, NO, MINE, SAD and GO OUTSIDE.

It was an interesting morning to say the least and hopefully not my introduction to the terrible twos! Bedtime tonight was an hour earlier and hopefully that will cure the morning meltdowns!

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