Sunday, April 1, 2007

Monument Avenue 10K

Well, we ran the Monument Avenue 10K in RVA this weekend. We met up with our good friends, Marcus and Turia Pope, and all headed towards the start line about 8:20 am. It was a great morning, the weather was nice and we saw lots of old friends from Richmond. Our friend, Sarah Stearns, watched Lucy while we ran and then met us after the race at Monroe Park just across the finish line. I saw them at about mile 1.5 and again just after the mile 6 marker. It was such a nice burst of energy to see them cheering on the sidewalk! I made my goal to run the whole way. I ran at a pretty slow pace, finishing in 67 minutes, but I felt really good at the end. Bradford ran it in 48 minutes, which met his goal of running it in under 50 minutes.

We stayed with our friend Cheryl, who is always so accomadating and hospitable! We always love staying at her beautiful house out in the "country" of midlothian. Saturday night we met up with the Thompsons at Joe's Inn for their famous Speghetti A La Greek. It was great to see them and catch up. We couldn't belive how big Ava and Elizabeth have gotten.
We were also able to meet up with our friend Tara and her two cute girls, Marleigh and Marion at Baker's Crust for brunch on Sunday.
It was a great weekend of running, seeing friends and good food!


CHRISTY said...

Aughhh. Wish I could have been there to run it with you. I'm great at setting a slow pace!

CHRISTY said...

BTW nice shorts, Bradford.

megallen said...

He claims the shorts make him run faster(no chafing I guess) , but I think he just wants to show off his manly LEGS